56-65 years old
Embody a Goddess

Around the age of 59 as you look at retirement, you start your 2nd Saturn return which takes a few years to complete. Saturn wants to help you restructure your life some way so you can better use the time you have. It’s not something to fear though, because Saturn has your back, especially if you study how and where it will impact you. Saturn may be in your home, career, partnerships, finance or children sector.
The moon, Venus, and Neptune, the feminine goddesses...
Where the moon, Venus, and Neptune reside in your Natal Astrology Chart show where and how you reflect your femininity. During this stage of your life it’s important to fully embody a goddess of your choosing in a ceremony. You have reached a stage of wisdom where the universe is asking you to fully step into yourself. There are many asteroids and goddesses to pick from. Is there already one you have in mind? Let me help you build a ceremony to honor yourself and her. Neptune is in a significant place in your Natal Astrology Chart to help do this. The goddesses want you to use your psychic powers. You can connect with the other dimensions and raise your vibration.
Lunar Nodes, your soul missions...
The lunar nodes are imaginary points in your Astrology Natal Chart that hold keys to what gifts you incarnated with and how you can use them. Between the ages of 56-65 is time to start a new business. Or start a new life doing something you’ve always dreamed of. The lunar nodes can really help you hone your focus to your true soul missions. There are so many clues in the Astrology Natal Chart as to how you can go about making any significant life changes.

Before we can dig into any of this you have to understand your Astrology Natal Chart as part of a 4-part Astrology Healing Path. The universe wants what’s best for you and planetary energies are a way to communicate with you.