66-85 years old
Uranus the Rebel
Uranus is the rebel. Not the kind of rebel who does it because they are mad. The kind of rebel who can see something better for society and stands their ground. During the ages of 66-85 Uranus is winding up for a pitch and society is the catcher. Uranus wants you to be your crazy self and for heaven's sake, don’t hold back. If you do, Uranus will teach you some lessons. We need your uniqueness as a beacon, a light to show us a different way to live.
Jupiter, your luck...
At 72 and 84 years old you will be having Jupiter Returns. This means that Jupiter returns to the exact same place it was when you born. When this happens to you get a magical sprinkling of faery dust. The universe wants you to increase your vibration and use your psychic gifts to reach the other dimensions. Jupiter will help you travel to the Akashic records. The Askashic are energetic records of your souls’ past, present, and possible future lives. Let’s work on this together. I can help you read the Akashic as part of the 4-Part Astrology Healing Path.
Pluto, your evolutionary partner...
During the ages of 66-85 Pluto will be in a position to challenge you. Pluto challenges in a gradual, quiet way releasing any outdated patterns from your subconscious. Pluto has a masterful way of examining karmic patterns lifetimes old and helping you to let go of what scares you, what angers you, what saddens you. You are simultaneously attached and separated from source. Pluto helps guide you through this 3D reality. Where Pluto resides in your Natal Astrology Chart can help you understand your personal evolution more.

Before we can dig into any of this you have to understand your Astrology Natal Chart as part of a 4-part Astrology Healing Path. The universe wants what’s best for you and planetary energies are a way to communicate with you.