25-35 years old
Hone your Gifts with Saturn’s Help

There’s an astrological reason why your late 20’s can be a turning point in your life. Around the age of 27 to 28 you start your Saturn return which takes a few years to complete. Saturn wants to live your best life and has some tough life lessons for you learn to achieve it. It’s not something to fear though, because Saturn has your back, especially if you study how and where it will impact you. Saturn may be in your home, career, partnerships, finance, or children sector.

Lunar Nodes, your incarnated destiny...

The lunar nodes are imaginary points in your Astrology Natal Chart that hold keys to what gifts you incarnated with and how you can use them. Between the ages of 25-35 is an ideal time to focus on what you have to offer and contribute to your own growth. What expertise can you bestow on the collective consciousness? Let’s work together to find out.

Chiron, the wounded healer planet...

Chiron is a dwarf planet that is so important to look at because it shows where and how you can heal yourself and others. Around the age of 33 Chiron will have moved into a favorable position with your natal Chiron. This is a perfect time to find your special healing superpowers!
Before we can dig into any of this you have to understand your Astrology Natal Chart as part of a 4-part Astrology Healing Path. The universe wants what’s best for you and planetary energies are a way to communicate with you.